Paul photo

Paul Burns

VP Research & Development

Paul is the driving force behind the development of the Database Dept.’s WebONE Integrated Marketing Database, an amazingly effective, highly functional and yet simple solution to the problems of managing large quantities of disparate data and recording varied marketing activities.

Paul’s database expertise and focus on marketing began while working for Bond Direct, part of George Patterson Bates in 1988. It expanded when he started the Database Dept. in 1998 and has continued ever since, making Paul one of Australia’s leading marketing data management and data quality specialists.

Paul believes that the secret to data quality and accuracy is that “data quality begins at the source“. With regards to system development he believes that “less is more” – just because you can capture a specific data element it doesn’t mean you should. Instead he believes you must weigh up the value and potential utility of any data element you are capturing against its currency (i.e. how long it will remain valid) and the effort required to maintain it. Paul originated one of the Database Dept.’s key principles – to “Achieve more by doing less“.

His favourite saying is “don’t boil the ocean” – he believes it’s better to have something that’s 98% accurate right now than 100% accurate at some indeterminate time in the future.

As well as being an exceptional (if slightly obsessive) system designer Paul is an accomplished guitarist and was a member of Sydney group the Enormous Horns, where he met his fellow director Nigel Mullane.