Win a greater customer wallet share with the same resources

How well do your senior account managers look after their accounts? Probably pretty well, but even the best account manager can’t be everywhere – and there are a lot of necessary but time consuming tasks that often just don’t get done. While your senior account managers are selling, they are not building pipeline, while they are building pipeline, they are not selling. Either way, the traditional sales coverage model is fundamentally limited.

And these tasks – working out who’s who and who reports to whom, calling new contacts to schedule appointments, juggling times with PAs and EAs, nurturing lower level but influential people – can be done by someone with the right skills but who is significantly less expensive that a senior account manager.

Many of our Clients know their senior account managers are most effective when they focus on strategically penetrating new divisions and progressing sales opportunities in their accounts. We help them by providing more cost effective senior resources to support and back them up.

The result – senior account managers have more time and a higher propensity to win new business. You gain greater wallet share from your major customers for the same sales cost – leading to increased profits.

And fitting in with our philosophy of “Achieve more by doing less