Win more new business with the same resources

How many companies can a sales person cover effectively? Almost certainly fewer than they have in their territory. Studies show that, depending on the type of company covered, sales reps can only cover 10 to 30 companies effectively.

What happens to the ones they don’t cover? Maybe, if you’re lucky, they’ll call you. More likely they will go elsewhere, or you’ll get into the deal too late after one of your competitors has influenced the requirements. Quite possibly you’ll spend far too much time and money chasing deals that are already earmarked for someone else and you’re just there to make up the numbers.

We help our Clients cover their market more effectively through our ARM Business Platform. We can help you cover many more potential customers with the same sales resources so you can sell more. And of course winning more sales with the same sales resources leads to higher profits.

In summary, in line with our philosophy of “Achieve more by doing less” we cover more companies and contacts where you have sales coverage gaps.