Measure and improve marketing ROI

In order to improve your marketing ROI you need to be able to measure it. You need to know which campaigns and channels generated which opportunities and how much revenue resulted from them.

Knowing which marketing initiatives work has long been a challenge. It’s becoming even harder with the proliferation of digital and social marketing channels.

The Database Dept.’s cloud based WebONE Integrated Marketing Database gives you automatic closed loop measurement that shows you what your marketing campaigns cost, how many leads they produced, which leads resulted in sales opportunities and how much revenue was generated.

This gives you and our Clients a true marketing ROI and allows you to focus on the channels and campaigns that provide the best results.

Eliminate marketing inefficiencies

Marketing, particularly in large organisations selling B2B, is becoming more complex and more expensive. The plethora of marketing channels – digital, social media, telemarketing, direct marketing, advertising, events, channel partners, etc. – makes it even harder to control.

When different divisions run different, often sporadic, campaigns for different products and services via different channels – often to the same people – the potential for contradictory messaging, multiple contacts to the same prospect and inefficient use of data is very high.

At best this means wasted opportunities and money. Worse, from the perspective of a prospect it can leave an unfavourable impression that the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing, negatively impacting your Brand.

By eliminating ineffective marketing you can communicate a clear and unambiguous message to the right prospect at the right time by the right channel and reduce marketing costs. This is achieved with the query tool which is part of our WebONE Integrated Marketing Database. This allows our Clients to decide how and when their target markets and contacts want to be contacted.

Reduce sales coverage costs

Sales people are expensive, but without sales your business will die. How can you reduce sales force costs without impacting sales?

One way is to use the right tool for the right job. Sales people are good at selling. They aren’t nearly as good, or as cost effective, at prospecting and nurturing – especially compared to specialists who have the right systems, methodologies and technology in place.

Sales people have a lot to do. The easier you can make their job and the more time they dedicate to actually selling the more they will sell. By providing them with a regular, predictable supply of sales-ready opportunities with trusted relationships already in place the Database Dept. can:

  • Increase your sales reps’ selling time
  • Increase your lead to sales conversion ratio
  • Reduce your lead to sales conversion times
  • Stop your reps chasing unqualified leads that waste their time
  • Stop your reps chasing leads that will never close

By using our ARM Business Platform we can help you cover your market more effectively and at a lower cost, free up your sales people and reduce your operational sales costs just as we help our Clients to sell more with less effort.

We help you to “Achieve more by doing less” so you can reduce costs and increase profits at the same time.