Win more new business with the same resources

How many companies can a sales person cover effectively? Almost certainly fewer than they have in their territory. Studies show that, depending on the type of company covered, sales reps can only cover 10 to 30 companies effectively.

What happens to the ones they don’t cover? Maybe, if you’re lucky, they’ll call you. More likely they will go elsewhere, or you’ll get into the deal too late after one of your competitors has influenced the requirements. Quite possibly you’ll spend far too much time and money chasing deals that are already earmarked for someone else and you’re just there to make up the numbers.

We help our Clients cover their market more effectively through our ARM Business Platform. We can help you cover many more potential customers with the same sales resources so you can sell more. And of course winning more sales with the same sales resources leads to higher profits.

In summary, in line with our philosophy of “Achieve more by doing less” we cover more companies and contacts where you have sales coverage gaps.

Win a greater customer wallet share with the same resources

How well do your senior account managers look after their accounts? Probably pretty well, but even the best account manager can’t be everywhere – and there are a lot of necessary but time consuming tasks that often just don’t get done. While your senior account managers are selling, they are not building pipeline, while they are building pipeline, they are not selling. Either way, the traditional sales coverage model is fundamentally limited.

And these tasks – working out who’s who and who reports to whom, calling new contacts to schedule appointments, juggling times with PAs and EAs, nurturing lower level but influential people – can be done by someone with the right skills but who is significantly less expensive that a senior account manager.

Many of our Clients know their senior account managers are most effective when they focus on strategically penetrating new divisions and progressing sales opportunities in their accounts. We help them by providing more cost effective senior resources to support and back them up.

The result – senior account managers have more time and a higher propensity to win new business. You gain greater wallet share from your major customers for the same sales cost – leading to increased profits.

And fitting in with our philosophy of “Achieve more by doing less

Get better value from your marketing dollars

The saying “half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half” is attributed to John Wanamaker, a department store executive in the early 20th century. But it’s just as relevant for marketing now – perhaps more so when we’re sending multiple messages to multiple people in multiple companies via multiple channels.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get the right message to the right person at the right time – and could see feedback from every interaction with your prospects in one central place?

When one of your sales people follows up a lead wouldn’t it be invaluable if they could see a summary of every conversation the prospect has had with your marketing team; could access every email they’ve received, knew all the feedback they have given, could see what marketing collateral they have been sent and knew which events they have attended?

How would it improve your credibility and your relationship with prospects if you only sent them materials about subjects they cared about rather than flooding them with irrelevant information of no interest to them?

We help our Clients use their marketing dollars much more effectively and gain easy push-button access to all prospect communications with our cloud based WebONE Integrated Marketing Database.