John Bedwany

When Paul Burns asked his friend John Bedwany to lead a new phase in the Database Dept.’s growth John had already worked in more countries, closed more business and consulted to more CEOs and major organisations than most executives would in several lifetimes. With more than 25 years of strategy, marketing and sales experience in the […]
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Paul photo

Paul Burns

VP Research & Development
Paul is the driving force behind the development of the Database Dept.’s WebONE Integrated Marketing Database, an amazingly effective, highly functional and yet simple solution to the problems of managing large quantities of disparate data and recording varied marketing activities. Paul’s database expertise and focus on marketing began while working for Bond Direct, part of George Patterson […]
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Nigel Photo 2

Nigel Mullane

VP Data Services and Delivery
When he isn’t playing the saxaphone – he was recruited for the Database Dept. in 1999 by his fellow musician Paul Burns, from Sydney band the Enormous Horns – Nigel Mullane lives and breathes data. In fact Nigel sees data as a living beast, governed by mathematical rules and structures (as is music) but always apt […]
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