Reduce the cost of ineffective marketing

The proliferation of marketing channels – digital, social media, telemarketing, direct marketing, advertising, events, channel partners, etc. – is making marketing more complex, more expensive and harder to control.

When you run multiple campaigns for different products and services via different channels – often to the same prospects – there’s great potential for contradictory messaging, duplicate contacts to the same prospect and inefficient use of data.

At best this means you’re wasting time, money and effort. Worse, it can make prospects believe that your right hand doesn’t know what your left hand is doing.

The Database Dept.’s cloud based WebONE Integrated Marketing Database, our closed loop marketing measurement and our ARM Business Platform tells you which marketing initiatives work and which don’t, because you can tie them to sales opportunities and measure the true ROI at the push of a button.

And as a bonus they help you present a more effective, consistent and coherent story to the market. By reducing the cost of ineffective marketing and communicating a clear and progressive narrative you can reduce marketing costs and sustainably increase your profits and growth.

Increase sales without increasing sales costs

Sales people are expensive. If you increase your sales resources there’s no guarantee you’ll increase sales – but you’ll certainly increase your sales costs. How can you sell more with the same sales resources?

One way is to use the right tool for the right job. Sales people are good at selling. They aren’t nearly as good, or as cost effective, at prospecting and nurturing – especially compared to specialists with the right systems, methodologies and technology in place.

In real life, prospecting and nurturing are dropped like a hot potato whenever something more important or urgent comes along – and sales people almost always have something more important or urgent. The net result is that you’re probably paying top dollar for sales people to do something they aren’t very good at.

Sales people do a lot. The more help you can give them, the more time they dedicate to actually selling and the more they will sell. By providing them with a regular, predictable supply of sales-ready opportunities with trusted relationships already in place the Database Dept. can:

  • Increase their selling time
  • Increase their leads to sales conversion ratio
  • Reduce their lead to sales conversion times
  • Stop your reps chasing unqualified leads that waste their time
  • Stop your reps chasing leads that will never close

One of our principles is “Achieve more by doing less“. Our ARM Business Platform and our WebONE Integrated Marketing Database can make this a reality and help you sell more with the same sales resources.