Eliminate inefficiencies and reduce marketing channel conflicts

With the advent of digital marketing and social media the number of marketing channels is growing by the year. If you’re duplicating effort across multiple channels you’re wasting money. You’re probably also  sending conflicting or irrelevant messages that can confuse prospects and harm your image and reputation in the market.

Our structured data strategy, our cloud based WebONE Integrated Marketing Database and our unique trust based methodologies help our Clients to communicate a consistent message to the market. If you can communicate the right message to the right people by the right channel you can save money, sell more and reduce those escalating marketing costs.

Measure and improve marketing ROI

In order to improve your marketing ROI you need to be able to measure it. You need to know which campaigns and channels generated which opportunities and how much revenue resulted from them.

Knowing which marketing initiatives work has long been a challenge. It’s becoming even harder with the proliferation of digital and social marketing channels.

The Database Dept.’s cloud based WebONE Integrated Marketing Database gives you automatic closed loop measurement that shows you what your marketing campaigns cost, how many leads they produced, which leads resulted in sales opportunities and how much revenue was generated.

This gives you, and our Clients, a true marketing ROI. It allows you to focus on the channels and campaigns that provide the best results and eliminate the ones that don’t work, increasing effectiveness and reducing escalating marketing costs.