Cover your markets more effectively

In order to cover your markets effectively you need to know which companies and segments to target, which companies fall into those segments and the specific individuals in those companies to approach; decision makers, influencers, recommenders, gatekeepers. We help you to do that using predictive analytics, among other things, using your own and external data sources.

Once you know the targets with the highest likelihood of buying from you and who to focus on in those targets you need to approach them. We help you do that very effectively.

However, at any one time only a relatively small percentage of companies in your market will be actively looking for a solution you can provide. It’s obviously important to be able to identify them and make to contact with the appropriate people to generate opportunities.

But a much higher percentage have the potential to become opportunities in the future. It’s equally important to communicate with them regularly, to build trust with different people in these companies, to educate them in the benefits of your offering and to nurture them – so that when they are ready to buy you already have a trusted relationship in place.

But there’s no way on this planet that your sales team can do that effectively for every company in their territory.

Sales people are focused on short term sales targets. If you rely on them to consistently prospect, nurture and develop long term opportunities it simply won’t happen. Because as soon as there’s an important proposal to write, a presentation to give or a big sale to close those long term activities hit the floor.

Similarly there’s no way that sporadic marketing campaigns and digital marketing, critical though they are, can cover your entire market effectively.

It’s almost certain that there are deals in your target markets that you don’t know about until it’s too late. It’s likely that your competitors are winning deals you didn’t even know existed and that there are many potential customers that don’t understand how you can help them. Some may not even know you exist.

We use our ARM Business Platform and our WebONE Integrated Marketing Database to help our Clients cover their Total Addressable Market much more effectively and economically. The better you cover your market the more you’ll sell and the more you’ll grow.

One of our principles is to “Achieve more by doing less” and we can help you cover your market more effectively by following this principle.

Use affordable, senior resources for non-sales tasks

Good, high level sales people are expensive, so why use them for tasks such as nurturing and prospecting that they aren’t particularly good at and that can be done more effectively by less expensive resources?

Our senior level staff have a minimum of ten years business experience (many have more than 20 years experience). They can hold an intelligent peer to peer business or technical conversation with senior executives and can nurture, educate, qualify and build trusted relationships with high level prospects until they are ready to buy.

Our Clients use our senior resources to provide their sales teams with high quality sales ready leads with trusted relationships in place – improving their sales results and freeing their expensive sales executives to do what they are paid to do – sell.