Win new customers and increase market share

The true, objective measures of marketing success are increased market share, increased sales and increased penetration in new customers.

We help our Clients to do the two things that are essential to increase market share and sales – win new customers and sell more to existing customers. Winning new customers requires persistence, dedication, consistency, an appreciation of what new customers want and the ability to articulate the value you can give them.

Because we deliver a steady, predictable supply of high quality leads with trusted relationships in place it helps you to win new customers and increase your market share.

Measure campaign effectiveness

Knowing which marketing initiatives work and which don’t has always been difficult. It’s becoming even harder with the proliferation of digital and social marketing channels. In order to improve marketing ROI you need to be able to measure which campaign and channel initiated which lead and the opportunities and revenue that resulted.

Our automatic closed loop lead management system enables you to see what your marketing costs are, how many leads they produced, which leads resulted in sales opportunities and the revenue that was generated – without the need for time wasting administration and form filling. We give you a true marketing ROI and allow you to focus on the channels and campaigns that provide the best results.

Our Clients use the Database Dept.’s WebONE Integrated Marketing Database and its cloud based reporting system to measure the results of multiple campaigns as well as to view every communication  with potential customers via digital and traditional channels before they become leads and sales opportunities.

Improve targeting and personalisation

Every single sales and marketing communication, whatever the channel, is read, viewed or listened to by each individual recipient one at a time. Even at an event, webinar or other means of mass communication each attendee is evaluating the message and its content against their own role, situation, beliefs and needs.

So while mass marketing, digital marketing and social media are all important components of any marketing strategy, targeting and personalisation are becoming increasingly important. Because people receive so many marketing and sales messages those that don’t immediately speak to their own needs and/or interests are ignored or summarily dismissed.

So it’s critical to get the right message to the right person at the right time. That means you need to know which companies have specific problems that you can solve, which individuals in each company to target and what their perspective of the problem is.

Value propositions and marketing messages need to be personalised to meet the needs and perceptions of specific audiences, depending on the industry they are in, the business problems they face and their role. This requires the use of sophisticated predictive analysis to help you target the right people in the right companies.

Our predictive analytics service tells our Clients which companies have the highest propensity to buy and which people to target in those companies. This enables you get the right message to the right person, to provide the collateral that is most relevant to their needs and to solicit, record and report on feedback from them.

Our cloud based WebONE Integrated Marketing Database gives you a single customer view which allows you to build an overall picture of your customers. Combined with our ARM Business Platform it also gives your sales people a detailed understanding of the viewpoint of each individual prospect, helping them to shorten sales cycles, improve close ratios and sell more, leading to increased market share and better marketing ROI.