Deliver quality leads with trusted relationships

Marketing is increasingly being charged with generating top line revenue growth rather than simply finding leads.

Because generating more leads doesn’t necessarily mean more revenue, poorly qualified leads that will never close or that aren’t viable waste much more time and money than they are worth.

The number of leads you send to sales is important – but the quality of the leads is much more important in increasing revenue.

High quality leads in your targeted markets – ones with a need you can satisfy, where you’ve already begun developing a trusted relationship before passing them to sales – are worth their weight in gold.

That’s what we deliver for our Clients – leads with trusted relationships in place. Leads where one human being has talked to, educated and nurtured another human being to the point where they have shared information, understood their needs and gained agreement that it’s time to bring in a subject matter expert to help them further.

Prospects don’t want to be sold to any more, they want to talk to people and companies that can understand their business issues, add value and help them to solve their business problems. The companies that can do that are the ones that will see the highest top line revenue growth.

Nurture future prospects to build trust

Thanks to the internet, prospects today have more information than ever. By the time they call you, a prospect may have completed up to 70% of the buyer’s journey – IF they call you at all. If you just sit and wait for them to call you many won’t and you’ll be none the wiser. Even if they do call they will have developed a preconceived idea – often incorrect – about you.

What can you do about this? One thing is to make contact with prospects earlier in the buyer’s journey. This starts when a company identifies a business problem or opportunity that’s important enough for them to do something about.

In previous times prospects relied on sales people and on marketing to provide information about potential solutions because they couldn’t get it anywhere else.

Now the problem is the exact opposite. Prospects are overloaded with information. The value sales and marketing offer is to help them sort the wheat from the chaff by understanding their needs in depth and guiding them to what’s relevant.

By nurturing them – holding their hand and ethically leading them through the buyer’s journey – we  build long term, trusted relationships with prospects in your target market. We understand their issues, solicit their opinions, identify their key drivers, timeframes and processes, influence their budget and educate them on how to solve their business issues – all before they go to market.

Our ARM Business Platform enables us to nurture and educate prospects in your target markets before your sales team gets involved.  This helps you deliver much higher quality leads to your sales people – ones with trusted relationships already in place. As our Clients have discovered, this massively increases your close rates and helps you to generate genuine top line revenue growth.

Effectively align sales and marketing

For sales and marketing to be effectively aligned there must be a common agreement and understanding of each other’s needs and objectives.

Sales people need leads from marketing, but that’s not all. They also need confidence and information. Confidence that the leads are worth following up, that they won’t be wasting their time and that they have a reasonable chance of winning a deal. And as much information as possible, so the sales person knows what has happened before he or she became involved.

This allows them to prepare effectively so that they don’t waste time going over old ground. They need to know who has said what, what problems the prospect has, what collateral they have received, the prospect’s needs, timeframes, beliefs, prejudices and their existing situation. The more they know about what’s happened before they became involved the better.

But alignment is a two way street and marketing needs feedback from sales. In particular they need closed loop feedback so they can quantify the top line revenue growth they’ve helped generate. They also need feedback on the progress of the sales meeting, where it sits in the pipeline – and sometimes the lead may need to be passed back to marketing for further nurturing and education.

When sales and marketing are effectively aligned magical things can happen. Our WebONE Integrated Marketing Database and our ARM Business Platform provide the magic ingredients that help our Clients to grow top line revenue.