Provide a single prospect and customer view

From the perspective of a potential customer, whether they are a lead, a sales opportunity or they aren’t yet ready to engage with you but will have a future need, you are a single organisation.

If they receive a marketing email, attend an event, take a call from alLead generation campaign, visit your web site, see a podcast, read about you on LinkedIn, interact with you on Twitter, comment on your Facebook page – they are all interactions between one person – the prospect – and one company, yours.

Wouldn’t it be great if, as well as them building up a composite picture of you from all these interactions, you could build a picture of them?

Imagine if you could see all those interactions in one central location so that when a potential customer becomes a lead, the relevant sales person had all that at his or her finger tips.

Our Clients can access this single customer view from anywhere in the world via our cloud based WebONE Integrated Marketing Database. You already have much of this information, why not view it all to build up a single view of the people you most want to influence and help, your current and potential customers?

Monitor all collateral shared with prospects

You probably have a lot of very high quality marketing collateral. But from a prospect’s perspective, it’s only useful if it’s relevant to their particular needs.

You can probably track what collateral prospects have downloaded from your web site and other digital marketing but can you also see what other collateral they have received via all your other sales and marketing channels?

If you do know what collateral they have (and haven’t) received via all your various marketing channels you can build a more accurate picture of what they’re interested in – and you can guide them to other relevant or updated collateral.

Our cloud based WebONE Marketing Integrated Database identifies all the collateral a potential customer has received by various channels. Not only does this tell you what a specific prospect is interested in but our Clients‘ marketing teams find it provides excellent feedback on which collateral is most effective and relevant for different types of prospects.

Track all prospect communications

Wouldn’t it be great if you could look at any prospect – even those that don’t have a current sales opportunity (so they probably aren’t even in your CRM yet) but that are in your “high propensity to buy” target market?

What if you could see not only their full contact details but who they’ve spoken to and when, what events they’ve attended, what information they have been given, their feedback and comments, what relevant collateral they’ve received, their thoughts on specific topics relevant to your offerings, their future timeframes and the state of their relationship with your company?

That’s what we give our Clients at the touch of a button. They can access this information any time – particularly just before they talk to that prospect – via our cloud based WebONE Integrated Marketing Database.

You probably already have much of this information held in multiple systems and databases. We give you easy, immediate access to that information in one place, as well as the ability to add much, much more

Deliver consistent messaging across all channels

Prospects value consistency – and they are more likely to remember, absorb and believe a single consistent message.

We help our Clients to communicate consistent and relevant messaging to targeted groups of prospects, using predictive analytics, a structured data strategy and our cloud based WebONE Integrated Marketing Database.

With a structured data and messaging strategy this can be done effectively over multiple digital and traditional channels.

Provide a seamless prospect experience

Prospects and customers are overwhelmed by information. A prospect who isn’t ready to engage with sales can receive information via many channels – social media, email, conversations with business development, your web site, marketing collateral, webinars.

If your marketing message is different – possibly even contradictory – via different communication channels or in different marketing campaigns your prospects will quickly become confused and potentially put off – particularly if they receive multiple communications that are irrelevant to them.

We help our Clients to manage the prospect and customer experience so that they only receive information and collateral that’s relevant to them. This provides them with a coherent and easy to follow experience that’s focused on their specific needs.

Integrate feedback from multiple channels

Feedback from prospects is invaluable but it’s often lost, either because it’s never recorded or because it’s kept in many different places that can’t be viewed as a whole.

Our cloud based WebONE Integrated Marketing Database helps our Clients record and collate all prospect and customer feedback in a single, easy to access place to give a full picture of all communications with an individual and a company.

This helps Marketing to evaluate which value propositions are relevant for which groups of customers and make adjustments accordingly.

Manage the explosion of marketing data

The number of marketing channels is expanding and fragmenting. Traditional channels like events, telemarketing, email marketing, advertising and direct mail are still relevant. But now there is also digital marketing, web analysis tools, webinars, podcasts, pay per click advertising, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and more.

These channels generate an explosion of disparate marketing data, making it almost impossible to gain an overall picture of all marketing communications that an individual prospect has received. It’s even harder to incorporate feedback from prospects into overall marketing communications.

Our cloud based WebONE Integrated Marketing Database gives our Clients an overall picture of all interactions with a prospect via on-line and off-line channels before they become a qualified sales opportunity.

When your sales representatives engage with a prospect they can see who they have talked to, what they have said, which events they have attended, what their thoughts are on a variety of topics, their specific needs, their history, the level of your relationship with them, their timeframes, their current supplier – all before they talk to them.

This means your sales representatives can focus on analysing their issues in depth and be positioned as a trusted subject matter expert out to help them achieve their goals.

Sales will value marketing’s useful, sales-critical information about prospects while you will be able to analyse the information overall to provide valuable field-based marketing intelligence.