Deliver a consistent unfiltered narrative

We repeatedly talk about the important of consistency because it demonstrates our focus on communicating a Client centric integrated narrative. Inconsistent communications kill confidence and make sales more unlikely.

Without a well thought out data strategy it’s a challenge to deliver a consistent narrative. It’s even harder when that narrative is being told by different people at different times.

We help our Clients and their channel partners to communicate a clear, consistent narrative no matter what the channel is, leading to higher sales through all channels and improved perceptions in prospects and in the market.

Build trusted relationships

It takes time and consistent effort to build trust. You need to communicate regularly, provide value, meet commitments and understand the prospect’s business and technical issues – from their perspective.

This only happens when one human being communicates consistently with another over a period of time. When many people become involved – particularly if different people from different channel partners tell different stories – trust is almost impossible to establish.

We help our Clients and their channel partners by developing long term trusted relationships before their sales people engage with prospects, increasing their chances of winning.

And our WebONE Integrated Marketing Database gives you and your partners easy cloud based access to all communications with prospects by all communication channels throughout the nurturing process.

Nurture prospects until they are ready to buy

Thanks to the internet, prospects today have more information than ever. By the time they call you, a prospect may have completed up to 70% of the buyer’s journey – IF they call you at all. Even if they do they will have formed preconceived ideas – often incorrect – about you. What can you do about this?

By engaging earlier in the buyer’s journey you can build a long term, trusted relationship with them. If you understand their issues, solicit their opinions, identify their key drivers, timeframes and processes and educate them on how you can help them you can influence their budget process and be one step ahead before they go to market.

This can be harder when channel partners are involved but our predictive analytics and cloud based WebONE Integrated Marketing Database make it much easier.

Our Clients get clear picture of who is nurturing whom and the status of the relationship across direct sales and channels

By nurturing and educating prospects before your channel partner’s sales team gets involved you massively increase your close rates, you deliver much higher quality sales ready leads with trusted relationships in place and you help your channel partners sell more.

Align sales and marketing efforts

Vendors run many different marketing campaigns. Channel partners also run marketing campaigns. If these target the same prospects with the same solutions it wastes time, money and effort. The same story applies in sales – how does a prospect feel if they’re already dealing with a direct sales person and a channel partner approaches them, or vice versa.

It can easily instill a lack of confidence and reduce sales results, which is why our Clients use our services to align their overall sales and marketing efforts across channel partners and direct sales.

Reduce confusion amongst prospects

Prospects get confused when different people try to sell them the same thing. It makes the vendor look disorganised or uncaring and reduces confidence in all involved.

This is particularly true when different people tell different stories or send competing collateral.

We help our Clients eliminate duplication of efforts. Your prospects can receive a single view, a consistent story and have confidence you are good people to deal with.