Gain full visibility of channel pipeline

Forecasting is challenging enough for your direct sales team. When you rely on channel partners for your forecasts this adds another layer of complexity and potential inaccuracy.

By giving our Clients direct access to their channel partners’ marketing and sales campaigns we allow them full visibility of their pipelines, making forecasting more accurate and allowing them to quickly take remedial action.

Access channel marketing and sales efforts directly

If your channel partner is marketing and selling on your behalf you need to know what’s going on. But if they have to take time out from their busy schedule to report to you the chances are that this either won’t happen or you’ll only get part of the story.

Our Clients take advantage of our structured data strategy, our methodologies to build trusted relationships and our WebONE Integrated Marketing Database to gain full and direct access to their channel partners’ marketing and sales efforts.

Understand what’s going on in the market

When a channel partner sits between you and a prospect or customer it can be challenging to get the full picture of what’s happening.

Similarly when you approach a section of the market through channel partners you are probably missing out on valuable feedback about the market.

We help our Clients to understand what’s going on it the market by providing full transparency to both parties (vendor and channel partner) of who’s said what and when.

We show the timeframes, values and status of opportunities and much more at an individual prospect level. We also collate statistics and profiles that tell you what’s happening in the market overall. This is all in a common and easily accessed format through our WebONE Integrated Marketing Database.