The poison that’s killing your B2B #sales

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  • “Great insight into some of the key problems we have in B2B sales, what’s causing them, and some thoughts on how we might solve them. Thank you John Bedwany” (John Smibert, B2B Sales Leadership at Strategic Selling Group)
  • “Hi John Bedwany. Very insightful. Much of what you have stated resonates with me, in particular that area of understanding (or lack of) the TAM. I’m continually amazed at how many sales leaders have not got a segmentation plan or a coverage model….it’s the good old spray and pray almost every time.” (Graham Hawkins B2B Sales Leader, Author and Speaker)
  • “Very interesting and thought provoking article John Bedwany, thanks for sharing.” (Cian Mcloughlin, CEO of Trinity Perspectives”)
  • “Hello John Bedwany, Thank you for the well structured and comprehensive article.” (Peter Strohkorb, CEO of Peter Strohkorb Consulting)
  • “Thorough insight here John. I believe that sales pipeline opportunity management is the greatest missing link in most sales organisations today where the only antidote seems to be ‘sales process automation’ incorporating dynamic advice leaving little room for sales apprenticeship.” (Ruston Towson, Business Coach)
  • “Another fantastic article that all B2B’s should glance at. John Bedwany Great post thank you.” (Simon Hamilton, Scientific Content Marketing, Video and Digital Advertising Consultant Consultant at AZoNetwork Group)
  • “Many thanks for posting John Bedwany. Really important to develop a content strategy that can be used to engage with potential customers. Content is king surely? But then distributing this content is key to managing your sales pipeline. ” (Matthew Pullen, Global Client Development Content Marketing at AZoNetwork Group)