The Database Dept. has been helping companies that sell B2B to win more customers and sell more to existing customers since the mid 1990s.

Since that time the Database Dept.’s client list has included the crème de la crème of large Australian and International brands. These include Adobe, AWS, Apptio, Cisco, Commvault, Fujitsu, Google, Guide Dogs, Hitachi Data Systems, HP, IBM, Juniper Networks, Microsoft, NEC, Nissan, RSA, SAP, VMware and others.

In the early years we recognised that a fundemental requirement for success in B2B sales and marketing was data quality and accuracy.  As a result we developed a marketing-focused database solution that could combine customer and prospect data from multiple systems and held in formats into one central location.

It was designed to be cost effective and easy to implement and a primary consideration was the need to minimise the dependency and impact upon IT. This was the genesis of the Database Dept.’s WebONE Integrated Marketing Database, one of the key components of our approach and one that is used as a marketing contacts bible by many of our largest customers.

Since then the Database Dept. has developed a number of proprietary methodologies, including the groundbreaking ARM Business Platform (ARM stands for Authentic Relationship Management) and our Relationship Management Teleconsulting (RMTC) and Senior Sales Support (SSS) services.

The combination of our cloud based WebONE Integrated Marketing Database with our data driven processes, our unique methodologies, a focused recruitment program designed to attract high quality talent and an intensive internal training program has led to the Database Dept. becoming one of Australia’s leading marketing support agencies, with a blue chip client list spanning 13 countries.

In essence, if you sell B2B the Database Dept. can help you to;

  • Solve the Sales Effectiveness Conundrum and win more business
  • Increase the quality as well as the quantity of Leads
  • Build authentic, trusted relationships with contacts before your sales team engages with them
  • Improve your leads to sales conversion ratios
  • Protect your corporate information about people and accounts when sales representatives leave
  • Reduce the time your sales representatives spend chasing unproductive leads that will never close
  • Protect your brand with people who aren’t ready to engage yet but may in the future
  • Understand what your potential customers are saying and what they care about
  • Increase your sales now as well as building a strong pipeline base for the future
  • Win more new business and sell more to your existing customers for less cost.