Receive a consistent stream of quality leads

Wouldn’t it be great to have a consistent and steady stream of high quality leads with trusted relationships in place? No more chasing dubious leads for ages only to find they are window shopping, from the wrong size company, or they are the wrong person. No more panic when your salespeople realise their pipeline has dried up, no more lead blitzes that take your people away from doing what they should be doing – selling.

That’s what we deliver for our Clients – a steady, predictable stream of quality leads with trusted relationships in place, ones that your salespeople are confident they won’t be wasting their time on. Leads where your sales person has all the relevant information at their fingertips – their timeframes, who they’ve talked to, what they’ve said, what they business need is, how long you’ve been educating and nurturing them, what collateral they’ve been sent, what they are looking at purchasing and the level of trust in you.

Once your sales people know that their future sales pipeline will be consistently and regularly topped up they can focus on closing business in the short term and leave the long term to us.

Know your future pipeline well in advance

All sales people need quality leads now. But wouldn’t it be great to know who’s coming to market within 6 months, within 12 months and longer? So you not only have a pipeline full of current sales opportunities but you also have a view of your likely future pipeline.

Our ARM Business Platform enables us to give our Clients a picture of who will be coming to market in 6 months time, in 12 months time and beyond, so you can plan ahead and so you know the quality leads will keep flowing.

And when they do you’ll know that we have been nurturing and educating them since they began the buying process, so there’s already a trusted relationship in place before your sales people even speak with them.