Is your lead generation burning your brand?

Every time you have a lead generation campaign and you get a 3% response that means 97% of targets didn’t become leads. But those 97% are still future prospects and if you interrupt them without adding value you risk turning them against you and making it much harder next time.  In this interview with John Smibert our CEO, John Bedwany discusses this problem and how we can use our lead generation campaigns to build relationships that drive future pipeline. Read more

Are low win rates sinking your sales?

The #3 Sales Challenge – Low Win Rates. Every time you commit money, resources and effort into a deal you lose it drains your profits and your morale. If you only win one deal in 4 or 5 the ones you lose cost you a lot. In this interview with John Smibert our CEO, John Bedwany identifies the two factors that contribute towards low win rates and discusses what to do about them. Read more

Is Your Marketing Damaging Your Brand?

Faberge eggs are unique. Because each one was individually crafted they are incredibly rare (only 57 of the original 65 eggs survive) and they are extremely expensive. Victor Vekselberg paid $100 million in 2003 to obtain 9 of them for his museum in St Petersburg.

Like a Faberge egg, your brand and your reputation are precious – and like an ordinary egg, they are fragile. A reputation can be shattered by a catastrophic event – as Volkswagen and BP have learnt recently – and all major companies have contingency plans (or should have) to limit the damage from such an unforeseen occurrence. Read more