John Bedwany


When John Bedwany and Nigel Mullane got together to begin a new phase in the Database Dept.’s growth John had already worked in more countries, closed more business and consulted to more CEOs and major organisations than most executives would in several lifetimes.

With more than 25 years of strategy, marketing and sales experience in the IT industry across 30 countries John has devoted his business life to creating the “future of selling.”

He had taken a small Australian software developer with a handful of local customers to a global audience, opening offices and winning major customers in Europe, Asia, the USA, South Africa and the UK.

His understanding of business strategies, his success at sales and marketing and his passion for hard work and achieving results made him a sought after advisor to many senior executives in large organisations.

But the opportunity to work with people who shared his vision and passion and to build something remarkable – a world class organisation that services the world’s largest IT companies – inspired him to leave the corporate world and take on the challenge of leading the Database Dept..

His extensive martial arts training over thirty years has given him with the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual understanding and skills to create and grow in a harmonious and balanced manner. It has given him an immense passion to respect and help individuals, whether friends, family, employees or customers and to care for our environment.