The three pillars of the Database Dept.’s services are Relationship Management, Market Management and Data Management.

As the names imply, we help our Clients to determine and manage their total addressable market, ensure that all the data about the companies and people in their target markets is current, accurate and contains as much relevant information as possible and we help them manage the relationships with the companies and people in their target markets.

Our ARM Business Platform is a key component of our offering. It based around building relationships with people who are not yet ready to purchase from our Clients and developing trusted relationships with them – so that when they are ready, they know, understand and trust our Clients.

ARM stands for Authentic Relationship Management and all our methodologies, practices and processes are designed to develop authentic, trusted relationships with our Clients’ future customers.

Our cloud based WebONE Integrated Marketing Database allows us and our Clients to record and report on all marketing communications, consolidate customer and prospect data, provide a single customer/prospect view, manage market segmentation and use predictive analytics to target the right people in the right companies.

The key deliverables you can expect to enjoy are

  1. Reduced Cost of Coverage
  2. Delivery of qualified sales accepted opportunities “with Trusted Relationships”
  3. Increased sales reps’ selling time
  4. Increased leads to sales conversion ratios
  5. Reduced leads to sales conversion times
  6. Development of Trusted Relationships with those not yet ready to engage
  7. Protection against competitive attack by optimising your sales coverage where you have gaps
  8. All whilst delivering Cloud Based Real Time Insights by Company by Contact of every touch point, all conversations had, all education shared per contact, what each contact’s business and IT requirements are, what they are planning to purchase, when and the level of trust per contact.

How to Engage with us – 3 Step Process

Step 1 – Once you have studied our “How We Help Section by Job Function,” you will have a firsthand view of what your peers are thinking about and what is important to them in delivering world’s best practice sales and marketing coverage.

Step 2 – If any of the key priorities by Job Function are also yours, simply contact us for a consultative meeting where we can whiteboard the right services solution for you.

Step 3 – We then deliver a comprehensive response to brief supported by a business case for your consideration and approval.

All deliverables are objective and measurable via our cloud based WebONE Integrated Marketing Database portal so you can review them in real time.